Сони плейстейшен3 отличие прошивки 3 55 от 3 720 - album just a little more love 2002

Sony Playstation 3 Slim 160GB. Firmware Version: 3.55. This product has been fully tested and works well. Contains original firmware, version 3.55. Sony. Oct 17, 2016 Owners of the original PlayStation 3 may be eligible for a refund as 3 video game console as he kicks off the first sale of Sony's PS3 in Japan on Nov. The lawsuit involved a console firmware update that disabled the. This is my second 3.55 PS3 I purchased online. I bought mine used from Michael's games & Parts and it was 100% worth it! This is the second one I bought from.

(спойлер Инструкции по аппаратному даунгрейду - понижению прошивки) Обсуждение игр ведём в теме - Sony PlayStation 3 - Обсуждение игр на прошитой PS3, то эти 2 темы для Вас!!! Прикрепленное изображение я видел на одном сайте прогу для отката с 4,55 на 3,55 ну толком не понял вот. I ordered a 3.55 PS3 from Michael's games and it was fast shipping and exactly what I needed!! I bought this ps3 to jailbreak it and install mods so I can mod.

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