По gini руководство: тростенцова методическое пособие к учебнику русского языка 9 классов

4.3. Оценка качества экосистемы по индексам видового разнообразия. Гипотезы, используемые. May 24, 2016 GiniWegNeg: Computing the Gini-Based Coefficients for Weighted and Negative Attributes. Gini-based Reference manual: GiniWegNeg.pdf. The Gini coefficient is a measure of inequality of a distribution. It is defined as a ratio with values between 0 and 1: the numerator is the area between the Lorenz.

-r: Renyi enthropy index; -s: Richness index; -h: Shannon index; -p: Reversed Simpson index; -g: Gini-Simpson index; -e: Pielou's evenness index; -n: Shannon. Oct 9, 2016 Computes the Gini coefficient based on (possibly weighted) sample data Gini is the Gini coefficient, a common measure of inequality within. Customize the main menu with a single touch, just like with the icons on a PC screen. Make GINI 3Dv2 yours, through your own personalized menus. first. Phone: (+39) 02-2399.3626 e-mail: giuseppina.gini@polimi.it. This provisional page gives the code and the manual about SARpy (SAR in python), a software for. GINI returns the sample coefficient of GINI Excel, a measure of statistical dispersion. Refer to Physilog®'s user manual concerning handling & warnings, warranty and The Gini index is a measure of the pattern of accumulation of periods.

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