Ludwig ii немецкая дорожка: картинки нагано 360х640

Christian Ludwig II of Mecklenburg (15 May 1683 – 30 May 1756) was the Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin from 1747 to 1756. He was the son of Frederick King Ludwig II of Bavaria. Short biography. Born on 25th August 1845 in Schloss Nymphenburg King of Bavaria 1864–1886. Died on 13th June 1886 in Lake. Ludwig II of Bavaria has inspired a fascination like no other 19th century monarch Best remembered for his patronage of Wagner and the imaginative genius. Touristy, glorious, and romantic, some of Germany's best attractions are in Bavaria. My favorites are three of King Ludwig II's castles: stocky Hohenschwangau.

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